Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Polio Menace

The Polio disease has finally reared its head and it is making a comeback again in this world when it was thought that the disease will be eradicated completely. Before it was named that Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan were the prime source of the disease. But now on the recommendation of WHO (World Health Organization of the United Nations), it is now named Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon as the prime source for the disease and urged other countries to require these countries citizens to vaccinate before leaving their respective countries. And the disease is once again spreading rapidly. And the number one culprit on this disease spreading is Pakistan. Although it is somewhat true that the doctor who helped locate Osama Bin Laden (OBL) used fake vaccination campaign to find him and then inform the U.S. of his location but that is still no excuse for refusing to vaccinate your kids. Another reason that is given by parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids is that it is a western conspiracy to sterilize their kids and reduce the population of Muslims, which is at times a laughable thing to believe in the least. I am saying laughable because the population is already exploding and do these people want more kids with the disease or less kids with no disease. On top of these the Taliban has been mounting a campaign to kill the health workers and the security people who are helping them delivering the vaccination in the volatile and violent northern part of the country.

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