Friday, May 30, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-9

The magic of Disney animation was another one of the attractions where you get to draw your own animation and meet your favorite Disney characters from the movie, The incredibles and Wreck it Ralph and also Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters. The best one was the Studio back lot tour where you are seated in a bus and they take you on a tour of the props and replicas used in making movies. As you know that Disney owns Pixar studios also so naturally they have an area dedicated to Pixar characters where we saw a 3D movie and then ate Pizza and bought some souvenirs from a local shop and then went back to our hotel. If you happen to go to Disney you would notice how after you have completed an attraction or entertainment your exit will most of the time lead to a store with the characters of that attraction and other Disney Characters. It is just a clever strategy so that the fresh memory of what you have seen is there so that you can buy the stuff right away without thinking about where you saw those characters. So another hectic day was wrapped up and now it was time to go EPCOT® center, the futuristic and space themed park of the Disney world. As usual waking up at an decent time, we headed towards to food court to buy our breakfast and then after eating it we headed to wait for our bus to take us to the Epcot® center. Once there, although there was not much of a line but you had to check in your bags with the entrance security.

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