Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sharing and over sharing on Facebook-2

It really becomes very difficult to judge what to share and what not to share on FB, For some people sharing everything becomes the norm and it borders of being annoying if you happen to have them as a friend. There is like a button which I have not used yet, wherein you can have FB trace your location and then post it on the internet so that you know exactly what someone is at what place and doing what with their time. And this I see it on FB where you see your friends and relatives reveal their location and what they are doing all the time. You can find posts of inspirational and educational value which I have no objection to and then some may suggest some websites where you are encouraged to go and see what is so important about them. But what do you share and when it is enough to stop sharing some of the ludicrous recommendations to like something where the absurdity of topics can make you angry I know everybody has their own threshold of what to share and what not to share and I respect that since I am not being forced to like something just because I am looking into it but sometimes it feels like there are some people who are just there to have people follow them everywhere and whatever they do. It is sometimes nice to know what your friends are doing and where they are now but to have you follow them to the point of creepiness is just strange. But as I said there are no clear cut criteria of what to share and when it becomes over sharing. It is up to the individual to decide how they want their lives to be exposed on the internet and the world to see. As it is said "to each their own".

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