Friday, May 30, 2014

Baby advice from the male's perspective-2

Raising a baby is a full time job which many people don’t realize. As soon as the baby comes your whole life is changed and don’t think that you as a male will be immune to it as your wife will need more than just casual help around the house and outside. Your whole world revolves around the baby timing and we used to sleep whenever the baby used to sleep. And when my wife was sleeping or was not around, I had to time my bathroom things around when the baby needed the least help or when the baby was secured enough in her surrounding for a few minutes and even at the time it was all rush so that the baby does not hurt herself or just cry because she was hungry or the diaper is wet. When you are going to go out you have to make sure that the baby is buckled properly in the car seat and you will have to carry the baby for a few months till your wife is strong enough to share that burden. In this day and age where both the parents are working, it is imperative that all burden of child rearing should not fall on the mothers as the fathers have equal responsibility to take care of the baby. I for one am a big supporter of taking care of your baby as it takes two to bring them in the world and you should as a father do everything you can to make sure that you bond with your baby whether you are giving them bath, feeding them, taking them out for a stroller walk or playing in the house. The more you interact and take care of your baby the more appreciative will be your wives and the more you would feel connected to your baby.

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