Friday, May 30, 2014

Does the U.S. have its hand full in tackling world crisis?-4

And then we have our favorite topic, the talks of the nuclear arms with Iran. As we have not have enough on our hands that we are trying to have another chance at stopping Iran with acquiring nuclear weapons. For example even if they stop the development of it, they still have to know how to make it quickly and the neighborhood in which they are living is already dangerous enough for them not to acquire some deterrence. As for the rhetoric about attacking Israel and destroying it, everybody who is sane enough knows that it is just talk and Iran will never do such a thing unless attacked. The Arabs are scared because of the religious and ideological differences and so they want to finish the Iran Nuclear arsenal if they have any. It is also strange that the Arabs sharing the same religion but different sect can have so much hatred for other fellow Muslim that the whole concept of Muslim Ummah blows up on the face of Muslims. Anyway the talks are going on and we have another situation at hand with the Syrian Crisis going on and guess what the U.S. is trying to steer the war towards more pro Western forces but is failing due to the increasing numbers of Islamists fighters and the fear that the regime after the current one in Syria would be more radicalized and anti West. And if that is not enough, we have a crisis brewing in Africa with the abduction of more than 200 school girls by a renegade Islamic terrorist group (see my article on it before in my blog)

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