Sunday, May 18, 2014

Turning towards GOD in times of need

I know that most of the people hardly read any news let alone several per day (as I do) but being a blogger I am constantly in search of news which interests me and will hopefully interests some of my readers. And I was reading in a newspaper that recently an earthquake was felt in some parts of Pakistan and people were deathly afraid enough that they started to fill the mosque of the locality so much that there was no place left to pray except to be outside the mosque. And the regulars of the mosque were saying that they don’t see so many people but only during the holy month of Ramadan. And I was not sure to either laugh at this story or feel sorry for the sad state of affairs that the humans have become. And this reaching out to divine powers in times of needs is not an exclusive Muslim thing. Every religion follows do it from time to time in the times of crisis. This is a basic human trait that when in times of crisis or hardship, there is more intense personal involvement with GOD and people become a little more religious even if they are not right now. And when that wish or trouble is fulfilled or vanished, then we the humans just behave like we don’t want to pray anymore and then the next time it happens again. We are all guilty of it and it is ingrained in our nature but we can change that if we remember GOD in times of needs and crisis and also in times of happiness. Because if GOD puts us in crisis and then provides us with happy times we should be thankful and pray to GOD either way.

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