Saturday, May 17, 2014

Raw emotions in sports

I know overwhelming majority of people love sports and some are even on the brink of fanaticism. Some of the fans dish out thousands of dollars every year to attend season games of their favorite teams and even if their team has not won any championships, they follow them blindly. They may question the tactics of their team and how it should be played but they stick to their team no matter what. And they defend it vigorously even if they are known that they are the ones who are in love with them. And if you have seen any sports, some fans resort to violence to protect their teams or do it in their team's name. This raw emotion is hard to understand given that they are not the players on the ground and most of the time has nothing riding on their team success except to give them an ego boost. If you have read some newspaper items, some fans have been killed by other fans and also when the European football league cup games are being played then you should expect violence as rival teams fans sometimes take their emotions out of the stadium and into the streets. Cars are damaged property destroyed or put on fire and sometimes running Street battles erupt between the winning team and the losing team and between the police and the fans. Sometimes the celebration of victory turns into hooliganism as fans in the height of euphoria destroy and set property on fire and sometimes attack the losing team fans too.

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