Friday, May 30, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-3

After relaxing for a while, we decided that it will be waste of time to stay in the room all day since the parks were open till eleven. But first we had to take a quick lunch since we had not eaten anything since breakfast time. The resort had its own restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and after eating Pizza, we hopped on the resort bus to go to the biggest theme park of the Disney World called the Magic Kingdom®. I may have not told you but I had been here before with my parents and siblings but it was way long time ago and I came here knowing that things may have been changed considerably. My wife took the guide map from the entrance and checked in our bags as you know security has become tight now everywhere and after entering started to map out our trip. When I came before, we had to stand in long lines to wait our turn to enter some attraction. This time with our magic wristbands and a facility where you can have your own separate line for fast entrance has been introduced which sometimes shaves off half an hour or more of the regular lines and as we were a resort guest, we had that privilege but they only give you like three passes for the fast lane so in order to avail that we had to managing which attractions are worthwhile enough and the lines are long enough that we can use that facility to see the attraction. For this scheduling to work, Disney has an app that you can see and check and manage your ride times right on your phone.

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