Saturday, May 31, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-15

Then we went to the show called Finding Nemo- The musical. If you have seen the movie Finding Nemo, you would get the idea too, as it is similar to the movie with human characters included. Another show was called Its tough to be a bug® and it was in 3D with some live and some cartoon characters involved. It was cool to watch them and experience it. There was also a ride called Primeval Whirl ® which was I think was more of the movement of how the mouse runs but it was designed like a dinosaur with its slow and not so fast ups and downs but as I had already experienced the Space mountain ride, I was okay with it but still felt glad that it was not that torturous and heart pounding and also it was in the open. After this ride, there was the craving for Ice cream and on to a nearby store we went to get our daily fix on the vacation. Animal kingdom has many divisions and two of the divisions are called Africa and Asia. First we decided to go to the African side and once you enter it you would notice African Music and African made goods and also the African atmosphere that permeates the whole surrounding. The best thing to do is to take around half an hour of safari ride on one of the old buses in a tour called Kilimanjaro Safaris®. The tour buses as you can imagine were made exactly as we were going on a safari and there were hardly any paved roads so the ride was bumpy at times.

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