Friday, May 16, 2014

The presence of foreign fighters in Pakistan

Another news from Nuclear Armed Pakistan, since the government there is negotiating with the local Taliban, the presence of thousands of foreign fighters fighting the U.S., NATO and Pakistani forces have come to the forefront. The Taliban spokesperson said that since they are talking with the Pakistani government for peaceful end to their many years of conflict, foreign fighters who had flocked to the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan feel left out and fear that they will be targeted by the Military if left behind and they are moving out of the sanctuaries in Pakistan to Afghanistan and most of going to Syria to get another training in Jihad conflict. But here my question is who gave them permission to enter the country in the first place? Why with all the noise of not permitting your soil to launch attacks against another country by the country's leaders do these fighters still do it anyway. There is quite a few estimates of how many they are and what nationalities but that is about it as Pakistan does not know exactly how many there are residing illegally in the country and even if they have the estimates the government seems to look the other way and tolerate them to launch attacks on other countries. It just puzzles me that how easy it is for foreign fighters to enter into Pakistan and leave whenever they want and the government is not interested in collecting data on them. Seems like the government is in cohorts with all these fighters for their own benefits and don’t give a damn about what other people or countries think. And nobody in the country really cares about how these fighters are living among them as long as it is not hurting them. It is this indifference that is going to hurt Pakistani people more than other things.

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