Saturday, May 17, 2014

Raw emotions in sports-2

When a team loses when it was suppose to win or as the fans say that it was their turn to win and when their team does not win they then take out the anger and agony of the fans should be seen as some are crying and some vent their anger and seek refuge in violence. And even a tiny minority start to suspect something sinister in the game itself that have robbed their team of a deserving win. Even the coaches show their frustration when the team players are acting not according to his/her expectations or the other team is playing better than his/hers. And this is just I am talking about the major leagues or big boys game. The little league is not that far behind either as emotions overflow and great expectations are building up for the games. Yelling, spitting on the ground and pushing sand with your shoes are some of the anger and frustration that is witnessed on the field and sometimes outside too. I don’t understand when we become fathers and mothers, we tell our kids that just play and enjoy sports and don’t worry of winning or losing as it is not important. But when we are in the field, our competitive instinct wakes up and beating our opponent becomes the only and ultimate goal at that time. No amount of rationality or reason stands in the way of our goal of winning at all costs and even to the point of not enjoying sports but competing like crazy. Sports should be played for enjoyment and not for some ego boosting stunt as it just destroys the spirit in which the sports is being played. So relax and calm your nerves and enjoy.

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