Saturday, May 17, 2014

Internet censorship in Turkey and other places-2

I know that internet has been used effectively in highlighting corrupt politicians and the countries they represent and this is why the uncensored web is so much a threat to most of the world. Even some supposedly free countries don’t allow uncensored material to pass through their country's internet services. I thankfully live in a country where the internet most of the time is not censored and that is why you see the major websites located here in the United States as anything and everything you can see on the internet is available without much hue and cry. But that does not mean that I go to sites which I don’t feel interested in. I have even less inclination to visit sites which offend anybody's religious beliefs as you may have see some which preach all kind of hatred that should be known to human kind. But the best thing is the internet has helped people repressed by their respective governments to voice their opinion. This is the beauty of the internet if it is uncensored it can help you educate and to make you a better person or turn someone into a monster. I believe that no country should censor the internet in any way whatever the content is as it is should be the individual responsibility to access what they want to access. But I know that not every human being are created equal and so some may have the tendency to gravitate to the dark or evil side. And as my suggestion is in a very ideal situation most of the people and countries will have to stop some material on the internet from being exploited by unscrupulous people who may want to create anarchy across the society. It is a difficult between censored and uncensored internet and there are no easy answers.

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