Friday, May 30, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-6

After this ride we went to Jungle Cruise, where your sit on a jungle type boat and the guide takes you around a small river designated with different parts of the world where you can find different kind of animals. Although the line was long but we went through it quickly since the empty boats were coming up fast. We also went to Haunted mansion which had a long line but I was not that much impressed with the horrors that they had. Maybe the little kids can become scared but it was not up to par. One of the best things I like is called It's a small world- a slow boat ride where you see the different regions of the world with different customs, cultures, costumes and other related stuff. It is the most entertaining ride and should not be missed. Since we had already eaten but we did to quench our thirst and we then bought some high priced sodas and water bottles from the store. Just a word of caution that although the Disney people are nice enough to allow outside food and beverages but that quickly runs out and when you start buying from inside the parks then you need to keep hefty amount of money in your hands as the prices are very expensive for even a bottle of water. I can understand that maybe of all the administrative and operational costs involved, but still when you start consuming drinks and food, money runs out faster. Anyway there is no other way but to buy food and beverages from inside the park if it is your first day and you did not get a chance to grocery shop to save some money and stock your items in your shoulder supported bag.

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