Friday, May 16, 2014

The case of a nine month suspected killer in Pakistan-3

So the case was not dismissed until it embarrassed the government and also the grandfather of the child hid him in another city since it did not trusted the police. If you cannot trust the people who are supposed to protect you then there is no hope for anybody but to protect themselves however they can. And on top of that the lawyers and the judges have also become the laughing stock of the world. Although they should be upholding the law and follow it where did this law came into being in any law of the any country to hold a baby responsible for attempted murder and then finger print it in plain view of the TV cameras and then give it a bail instead of criticizing the whole procedure. And these people are among the highly educated people of society and their behavior has put everybody in that country to shame (not that they care for that anyway). I believe that the whole system of Justice is broken down in Pakistan as people wait for years to take their turn pleading their case and in some cases the litigation goes on for years on end with no end in sight and the petitioners die before their case gets to get heard in court. Along with rampant corruption (of which tales are chronicled every day in the newspapers and on the television in that country) which is pervasive in all departments of the country, the denial, delay or miscarriage of justice and disregard for law is destroying that country from within amid dwindling hope for millions of people which is a sorry state of affairs and I don’t see it improving any time soon.

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