Saturday, May 17, 2014

All eyes on Vladimir Putin-2

And Latvia has been fearful since the United States have been reluctant to use force in the case of Syria supposedly using Chemical weapons and then despite warnings to Russia, Crimea became part of Russia without much bloodshed. Americans are right now wary of any thing that can suck them into a war with Russia as they are just coming out of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and there is not much militarily that the West or NATO can do to Russia that can be deter Russia from invading any of the former Soviet republics. Although sanctions are being placed on Russia in increasingly varying stages but that is all the West can do for now. But sanctions has its own problems as Russia is one of the largest economies in the world with huge gas and oil reserves on which the European Union is somewhat dependent and the West is reluctant yet to impose any sanctions on the Oil and gas sector of Russia. Russia knows that the West would not risk a war with it over some former Russian republics unless the Western Europe is threatened actually. And despite all the war talks everybody is trying to take a step back and trying to negotiate so that situation does not escalate and out of control. But it is now all up to Mr. Putin more than any other leader including the U.S. one to take the next step and diffuse the tension as he has now all the leverage and knows that everybody wants to avoid a direct conflict and he can get some concessions out of the some countries and get away with things victorious. So all eyes are now on him to see what moves he will make next.

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