Sunday, May 18, 2014

Is Russia becoming a new enemy of the U.S?

Although it does not seem that way right now but as the things are boiling over in Ukraine and the sanctions that the west and the U.S. is putting on Russia suggests that Russia has after a long time assumed the status of being the new Enemy (besides others) of the U.S. And it would be a shame that after all the cooperation between the two countries like in Iran Nuclear deal and Syrian Chemical weapons use and also the war going on and the international space station besides other things, things would have to be reset to the level of the cold war status. Although the relations were not perfect as compared to say Western Europe and there were always problems somehow but the cooperation was working most of the time and it did not stooped to the level of sanctions which both sides can ill afford. The only way was too diffuse the tension but now that is also gone too as both sides have dug into their positions. I don’t believe that we will ever return to the cold war status because it would be shame that the world's two most powerful nations are again loggerheads on issue in Europe. But one thing is clear that due to this Ukraine Crisis, NATO which was struggling to finds its purpose after the demise of the old Soviet Union has become more relevant and Europe has somewhat started to see the feasibility of having this force around their Neighborhood. So let’s hope saner heads prevail and everybody takes a step back before the tension rises to a more unmanageable level.

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