Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dial 911 for U.S. help

It has now been reported that the U.S. is ready to help Nigeria in rescuing more than 200 girls kidnapped by Islamic extremists. So now the question begs why the world always have to call U.S. for help. You see if you need emergency help in the U.S. you dial 911 on your phone and the help comes right away in the shape of an Ambulance or a Police car but it does come faster. Although a Military help is not out of the question but why does the world always have to wait for the U.S. to take the lead. I can understand that it is a superpower and have the means to intervene aggressively and massively but why are all the other countries keeping quiet on this issue. I have not seen any major power besides the U.S. offering any help or outrage over the kidnapped girls like the Russians or the Chinese who have the means to Mount Massive efforts to help these poor girls. Speaking of help and condemnation, what is going with the so called Muslim world, why are they being silent on this critical issue? Why there is no hue and cry over this and what happened to all the religious leaders who are used to issue Fatwas on minor things are just silent over it. Oh yeah I remember there are more urgent things at hand like making sure that somebody don’t pass themselves as Muslims when they actually are and keeping women confined when they know that there are more women than men and issuing Fatwas against things which creates more confusion than it helps.

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