Friday, May 30, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-7

As I am not fond of roller coaster rides especially the ones with speed but I saw little kids going on it and so I said to myself what the heck, it is Disney World, how bad they would have it here. There were two rides that were built up to be crazy ones and the first one was Splash Mountain. An initially slow moving ride but when it goes up it comes down faster and splashes on water and once I got on the ride I did not find it crazy but the last one I had it on the first day was really crazy. It was called Space Mountain. First you have to go up the stairs and there you would sit individually on seats and then the ride begins. And it was one I would not have gone had I known that it was be so damn fast. First of all the roller coaster was in the dark and second it was fast with fits and starts that can make you feel dizzy and getting out of the seat. I just sat there holding on to dear life but I was good for one time only. It was time to wrap up the day but we had one more entertainment show to watch which the Mickey dream fantasy sequence was and it was really very spectacular with stadium seats out in the open. We wanted to see the complete fireworks but we were getting tired but we did catch some glimpse of it while walking towards our bus. And after reaching our hotel room, we took the car to eat outside the resort in nearby downtown Orlando.

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