Friday, May 30, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-8

We came home and went to sleep right away and the next day we took our breakfast and off we went to buy some grocery from a store in downtown Orlando so that we have some snacks while we are in the theme parks. Other things bought were some regular toilet stuff. Today was the day we were going to Disney's Hollywood studios a theme park full of Disney® and Pixar® and Marvel® movies and replicas and little bit of rides in between. Although we had not seen the complete Magic Kingdom and we were already making plans to see the rest of it but today was the Hollywood studios too. Although I was not that much thrilled about it but since we had the ticket on hand, we decided to go and see what this attraction is was all about. Well apart from all the Disney and Disney related movies that were made there was the whole showcase about how the Hollywood industry evolved and evolving over the years. The most fun ride was the Toy Story Midway mania where you are seated and have a ride and shoot down aliens with your laser guns mounted on the seats, the lines were long but with our fast entry pass we went inside very fast and enjoyed it the most. The Great Movie Ride® was another one of the very slow moving tram ride inside a hall where they showed the movies progressing from yesteryears to today and then we had the ride with complete props and re creation of some of the movies especially the recreation of the western movies and the alien one was really neat.

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