Friday, May 16, 2014

Tears in your eyes

Have you ever noticed that if you read an emotional story, watch some movie and just generally witnessed something you are so emotionally overwhelmed by it that tears starts coming into your eyes even if the story or event has not affected you personally? And I have the same thing happening although according to my spouse I am the most insensitive person she has ever know but that is beside the point. I have my sensitive side too but I choose not to show it on times but as human being everybody has their sensitive sides. And sometimes you cannot help yourself because the story maybe so inspiring that very few people would be able to hold on to their tears, I will give you some examples to show when this happens. You read that some small kid is having an operation and the faces they depict are so innocent that you feel like a sympathy wave and emotional overbearing coming over you. Also you see many times that soldiers coming home and surprising their families and other inspirational stories that overwhelms your emotions. In the movies you see people triumphing against all odds, and you know that it is all scripted, but you still can't help but unable to stop tears flowing down your cheeks. And sensitive or not, you will not be able to help your feelings and emotions that you will be exhibiting once your read, hear or see a story. Crying is a very emotional and highly charged attribute of human nature and everybody has it, it all depends upon when and how it is felt by an individual.

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