Friday, May 30, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®

Disclosure: Please not all the copyright and trademarks are owned by their respective owners and I am just writing my experience as a tourist in Disney resorts. I don’t get any compensation and not endorse any of the products. This year we decided that we should take our vacation on the happiest place on earth (as being called by the Disney People). Before the price of the tickets rose, we had already booked our hotel at the Disney Resort. On the day of our flight in the morning we reached the airport early because we did not knew how the traffic situation would be from our house but the traffic was light and after checking in with our luggage, we proceeded towards the Gate where we had to get in for screening and checkup to make sure we are not carrying anything illegal. The process of taking off your shoes continues but it has now been relaxed for children under the age of twelve. And since I was wearing strapless sandals so it was just easy for me to take off. After the check in, we went towards our gate and since we had not eating that much for breakfast, we decided to buy some coffee and croissant to fill up our stomachs. The flight was short and nice except that there was a single father with a around two or three year old kid who kept on constantly crying and giving a hard time to her father. And after an hour or so she went to sleep and when the plane landed she woke up and was all smiling after creating such a ruckus in the plane. Okay I love babies and kids they are the most adorable human beings on earth but in this case either the father was not able to control or calm his child or the child was too much for the father. Another episode happened that when the plane was landing, a boy vomited without the help of air sickness bags and so most of the vomit was splashed on the area where he was sitting in the aisle side.

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