Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Turkish Mine Disaster

Right now the reports are preliminary but more than 200 miners have died in a mine in Turkey and more are missing in this one of the greatest tragedy to hit Turkey in recent times. It was reported that there was some kind of explosion after which miners died and many are stuck and according to some reports at the time of explosion around 700 miners were working in the mine. I cannot say what kind of safety measures were in place or if there were some safety issues that were ignored but this is a great tragedy and I feel for the miners as these people are desperate enough to work in mines when they are unable to find any jobs above ground. My father told me once that when he was young, he was taken to a mine field somewhere in Germany and that experience he did not wanted to have again. There was this reason behind it that he may have felt claustrophobic with all sides closed and he is just gone deep into the mine, but apart from this any mine would not be a luxurious hotel stay or regular office work. It is a hard work with close encounters with other beings and no sun light or any human contact besides your own co workers. And I for one will be the last person to work in a mine, any mine but here I just want to sympathize with the families of the victims who don’t know yet what has happened to their loved ones and may not be even able to receive the bodies. There should now to concerted efforts to improve the safety of all mines in Turkey and beyond so that these kinds of tragedies must not occur again.

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