Saturday, May 31, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-11

After a brief trip of training, we were huddled into a small cabin and put on the seat belts and then squeezed up with the navigation wheel and everybody had a task to be done in order to land on the moon, like takeoff, navigation, landing etc. It was a rough landing at the end and we could not have imagined that what it would be like to be on the training lab with the hard landing. They just make it so realistic that you feel like you are in a space ship. We went to another interactive show where there was a talking turtle talking in goofy voice with the kids and the turtle talk was funny and enjoyable. One of the fun rides was called Project tomorrow: Inventing the world of the future where you sit in a car seat like setting and it lets you go through the inventing what it would like to be living in a place of your own making, like flying cars and other cool futuristic stuff. If you know about Ellen DeGeneres, she is the funny lady who also has a spot on the Epcot center, it is called Ellen's Energy adventure, where you sit on huge theater like seats that move and take you through the pre historic dinosaurs’ tour. As you know that long time ago, Michael Jackson the late pop star made a 3D movie exclusively for Epcot center I believe and we went there to see this movie. Along the way we had our ice cream dose and also went to do some shopping and at night saw fireworks.

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