Friday, May 16, 2014

The state of media in Pakistan-3

All this tussle between the media and the military and other sections of society leads us to believe that the media is under siege and the casualty is the truth that does not get reported because of not that the media is afraid to report but it is under constant attack from all sides whether, the Taliban, the military, extortionists, criminal elements or the separatists and the corrupt officials and other people who don’t want to get exposed for their dirty work. If the media does not report on the Military's bad side, they are threatened and if they report on the Taliban's attacks in a negative way, they are threatened with death. Same goes with the extortionists, criminals, separatists and corrupt officials. And when they report something positive about some people, they are accused of being on the payroll of those people who want to implant only good stories about them. And if they do report about negative stuff about some people, then they are accused of being a biased journalists and not trustworthy. So seemingly it may seem that individual journalists and media houses may have considerable influence but that influence is camouflaged and wrapped into playing nice on all sides of the conflict whether between the armed forces or Taliban or criminals and corrupt officials. And in this case since the journalists are also human beings, they tend to self censor themselves as not to getting killed or have their families suffer grief when reporting on dangerous items. Any way you see it or slice it, things look extremely dangerous for journalists and media people in general in Pakistan.

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