Saturday, May 17, 2014

Internet censorship in Turkey and other places

There has been a lot of buzz regarding the some websites being banned in Turkey like Facebook and twitter because the government there not likes what they see about the negative postings about their activities. It has been a lot of roller coaster ride for the internet as websites are being banned and then unbanned by the courts and then they are coerced into silencing their critics. And it is not just Turkey which has been in the news lately. As you know long time ago when the internet was in its infancy, it was not deemed as a threat and was welcomed as it dissipated much needed information for developing and developed countries alike. But as the web (or internet) has developed immensely throughout the years, it has become a potential to disrupt lives of individuals and countries. You know you can post anything on the internet which may or may not be true and then wait for the reaction. It is up to the individual and countries to decide what kind of material they should access or allowed to be accessed. I know it is censorship but it is better to completely ban the entire internet. Okay I am not taking the sides of any repressive governments but there is some sensitivity involved in case of religion or something offensive that can hurt the feelings of majority of the public. But I am favor of unfettered and not regulated internet since who is to judge what is wrong and right for the public to view and read.

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