Saturday, May 17, 2014

The case of abducted school girls in Nigeria

I wrote about a Islamist extremist organization in Nigeria called BOKO Haram (meaning western education is forbidden) and said that if it is not checked in time, will become a bigger menace in the future for Nigeria and Africa and the whole world in general. Although we are not at that point yet but remember that Al-Qaeda also started small before it became such a monster. But this story coming out of Nigeria is truly horrifying as more than 200 girls were abducted from schools in Nigeria and taken away. Initially nobody claimed responsibility and the government response was inadequate to say the least. But recently a video surfaced in which the leader of the group BOKO Haram (BH for short) said that his group has abducted the girls and will sell them in the market as he claimed there is a market for them and invoking the name of GOD in the process. And I just read that more girls have been abducted in Nigeria. So the government there is either not doing enough or can't handle the situation as I read that it has sought the help of the United States in tracking and rescuing these girls. It is pathetic that this thing has to happen and the sad part is that the world and particularly the Nigerian government has not done enough to rescue the girls or even mount an operation of some sorts. I feel for the parents as they are caught in the middle of all this and they are just praying that their girls come home safe. If the Nigerian government is not capable or willing to help the girls let it allow foreign forces to rescue them on their own as no civilized country can allow their girls to be kidnapped and treated like this.

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