Sunday, May 18, 2014

Does the U.S. have its hand full in tackling world crisis?

As I keep reading news regarding crisis after crisis in the world and how the U.S. is expected to respond to it, I started to think that does the U.S. has the resources and manpower and the will to handle several crisis simultaneously? And it seems like the answer is No. After the two devastating wars in the Middle East, no sane American would want their country to indulge in another war in far off lands where you don’t know the language, the terrain, the people and culture and you are after the initial euphoria of the citizens, you outlive your welcome and then the resentment and the guerilla warfare starts and then you regret that why did the Americans have to go there in the first place. And if you don’t believe me, just read what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan to back up what I have said before. But with all the crisis and potential conflicts going around the world and the world weary Americans nothing wanting to do anything about it, the world still looks at the U.S. to resolve conflicts or at least try to contain and prevent one. And even if the Americans don’t like it, they have been forced by their leaders into treaties that make the U.S. committed to the security of different regions around the world which I will come to it in a moment. And even if the U.S. is not bound by treaties, it feels obligated to put out flames where it flares up by some moral obligation that is very remote from the daily struggling Americans and still they are not loved by the outside people.

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