Friday, May 30, 2014

Does the U.S. have its hand full in tackling world crisis?-5

Although Africa has been up in flames for a long time since I have been reading it and there has been several conflicts going off and on like in Somalia, Sudan, in the southern part of Africa but most of the conflicts were local enough that the U.S. did not get involved much and since France has been the traditional colonial power there for a long time they have been sending their own troops there to take care of the situation. The U.S. was involved one time in a humanitarian situation in Somalia but got burned there and had to get out and stayed out not sending any troops on the ground. But with these Nigerian kidnappings and the threat of more Islamists violence growing, the U.S. is trying to help Nigeria in eliminating this threat. So the only places where we don’t have any conflict resolve issues are the South Americas and the Australia. As you can see from my discussion, the U.S. has its hand full in dealing with world crisis and we are just scrambling to resolve all of them. But do we have the means or we are just pretending that we have the means to do it. I think the U.S. thinks that it has the means but it is just stretching itself thin financially and military as the other major powers like China, France and Britain are not interested or do not have the means to project global power as the U.S. does. But as they say we have to choose our battles and right now we are not choosing but fighting on all fronts. We don’t have the money and sinking deeper into debt and we have to decide where we can affect problem solvers and where we should leave it to other regional powers to resolve their neighborhood issues.

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