Saturday, May 17, 2014

The landslide tragedy in Afghanistan

Recently there have been heavy rains in Afghanistan and a big landslide in of the remote areas buried thousands of poor people. Approximately 500 bodies have been dug out and also more than 2,500 people have been killed in that landslide. It is one of the biggest single tragedies in Afghanistan history in the last ten years. And the international news media has been slow to report this calamity there have been more reports about the missing Malaysian plane that I have seen and read then this epic tragedy where lives have been upended forever and people have lost their brothers, sisters and parents in one go. As I am reading in of the newspapers, there is no electricity and running water in that area and people help each other without much government services in place. Even when the government and some foreign aid is pouring in, people are not hopeful for their loved ones as they say that government people will come say something condolences, take picture and then go their comfortable homes in the capital. Although people are taking upon themselves to dig the dead bodies since the machinery to do this will take time to come due to impassable roads if any but the people are resigned to the fact that they would not be able to find much under the landslide and they have left it to GOD's will that this is what their fate was when they were born. It is a shame but we can only pray for the departed souls and hope that this tragedy will serve as a lesson when something terrible like this strikes again to better get help faster and save some lives.

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