Saturday, May 17, 2014

Disposal of your deceased loved one's items-2

After a few years I decided to clean up his stuff when I decided to rent my house and after a short reluctance I decided to throw away the sofas and beds in which my parents use to sit and the house where they used to walk was up for rent, but all the clothing and other stuff I brought to my place of residence. I threw the stuff which was not to be used anymore by anyone but I have still kept some of these clothes and other items which I have memory of him. The other day I was shifting through this stuff and found a note written by him, I was so glad I found something with his hand writing. I am still finding I hard after five years to let go of some of the stuff he had or used that I want to keep with me for how long I don’t know. And I believe I am not the only one grappling with this issue as millions of people try to decide a heart wrenching decision of what not to dispose and what to keep of their loved ones. The decisions are not easy as you sometimes involve your spouse and then your siblings in that decision. But here is another issue that if you have a sibling then that sibling may want to keep some of the stuff which you want to dispose off and you want to keep some of the stuff that they may want to dispose off. I mean where to start and deal with this issue. As I am the one with the sentimentality issue and keeping my father's stuff because I have no idea why, this is the thing to ponder which is an issue takes time and I mean years to resolve and sometimes maybe never.

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