Sunday, May 18, 2014

Does the U.S. have its hand full in tackling world crisis?-2

And if the conflicts were not enough to keep the U.S. on its toes, there was report that the intelligence agencies in the United States now regard water scarcity as a very grave threat to the global and national security of the U.S. as there can wars on the distribution of water in different areas of the world. So before I deal with the water issue and how it will affect the U.S. security, let me give you how the U.S. has its hands full in dealing with different explosive issues around the world and how well it can or cannot respond to it given its military and economic might. Let's see where we start. I would rather start with the latest one in Ukraine as people are more familiar with it. As everybody knows that Ukraine is in crisis and one of part Ukraine has already been annexed (or whatever you want to can it). Some other parts of Ukraine has through ballot box have voted to become independent of Ukraine and ask the Russian federation include them in their country. And despite all the concerns of the U.S. and west nothing has been done to reverse this trend. And Russia knows that nobody wants to go to war with them over Ukraine so it did what it thought can be easily done without invoking the wrath of the west if any. And also right now the U.S. does not have the appetite to have another war when the one in Afghanistan is slowing down but not yet over as it has still troops based there.

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