Friday, May 30, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-4

The first thing you will encounter are lots of people along with their kids. And anywhere you to or any attraction you want to go have lines very long and they are not even straight lines but zig zag side by side so instead of seeing one long line and getting discouraged, you see a long line broken down into several lines. But now thanks to the Disney app, we have an option to see where the lines are the longest and where they are the smallest so that we can go to the attraction with the smallest line and take care of the longer ones later on. Also with the fast entry option that I told you before you can skip past long lines and enter the attraction must faster. And the rush also depends upon when you are going on vacation. If you are going in summer vacation or spring break, you should expect long lines and crowded attractions although I do admit that sometimes the long lines can be an illusion since some of the attractions are pretty fast to complete even with the long lines and they have more capacity to hold people. So instead of discouragement, you should embrace the attraction and plan smartly and accordingly. No need to stress out since you will have plenty of time to go each attraction provided your trip is five days or more but if less than you will have to budget your time and skip some lesser known attractions. Although we had our own rental car, but we preferred to stay at the resort since the resort buses can take you to and from your place of stay to the attractions and you don’t have to pay anything as the price is I believe already included in your stay.

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