Saturday, May 17, 2014

All eyes on Vladimir Putin

Since the Invasion/annexation or whatever you want to call it happened in Crimea by the Russian forces on the orders of President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation. Now all eyes have been focused on Mr. Putin as the world holds it breath of what he would do next in Ukraine. On top of this, I read a news story that he does not use cell phone or other modern forms of communications which makes it hard for intelligence people in the West to know what he intends to do next. He has amassed thousands of troops on the Ukrainian border and is not pulling them back and the fighting between pro-Russian forces and the Ukrainian military is going on in the some towns of Ukraine where the separatists want to join the Russian Federation and are not backing down from their belligerent posture. Although there is suspicion that this rebellion is being encouraged or even instigated by Mr. Putin himself but no concrete proof is available for that. And now I was reading the Latvia another small country with huge Russian ethnic population is getting nervous about Russia since the first excuse of Crimea was that Russian speaking people were not getting treated fairly by the Ukrainians and the same excuse can be used in this case also. Although Latvia is supposedly part of NATO and the NATO has pledged their support in case of any Russian aggression but still they are nervous in the sense that Latvia does not think that the NATO would go to war with Russia over them and since they were part of Russia before they believe that Russia would invade them and West would not do anything.

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