Friday, May 16, 2014

The case of a nine month suspected killer in Pakistan

If you read a newspaper or on the internet you would notice weird kind of news which seems unbelievable and ridiculous at first but then you say that human stupidity knows no bounds and that is where I am getting to today in this article. I don’t have either the time or the financial means (unless supported by donations) to search for weird news happening around the world which shows the infinite stupidity or just plain incredible weirdness but sometimes I stumble across a news which is hard to resist to analyze and give opinion upon. I found news which has made it the joke of the century that a nine month old boy was booked on the charges of attempted murder, assault and destruction of property along with his family in Pakistan. The case was that people were protesting against the government and apparently a government employee or some person got hit and they filed charges against the baby and his family. And I saw the video of the baby who was crying and holding a bottle of milk in his hand and then I saw the unbelievable when the lawyer was finger printing him and the baby was crying. Then absurdity kept on happening as the judge presiding over the case granted the nine month old baby bail in the case. All this happened in the supposedly Islamic country of Pakistan and when this news hit the international headlines and was ridiculed all over the world at the justice system and police incompetency then the authorities woke up and the Chief Minister of the Province took notice and the case was dismissed and the police officers were suspended.

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