Friday, May 30, 2014

Pakistan hits back at the Militants

Recently the Pakistan Army hit some militant hideouts and killed dozens of militants and destroyed their hideouts. Nowadays you will hear a lot of killings of Militants by the Pakistan's Military and since there is no news about if the casualties are civilians or militants you have to rely on the Military's version of how many were killed. And whenever you see this news in that country's newspaper, overwhelming majority are all praise for these attacks and very few question the number of deaths or whether they are even civilians or not. And even the politicians who cry hoarse over the U.S. drone attacks keep a hypocritical silence on it. As if the politicians are dumb struck whether to support it or criticize it, so they keep quiet about it as they are loathe to criticize their own military and since there is no statistics regarding which kind of people are killed the public tend to be err on the side of the Military's version. So my question is when the almost precision hit by the U.S. drones is criticized because it has caused civilian casualties which the people cannot back up why they are being quiet about question the Pakistan's Military's version about all the killings in the attacks on the hideouts are all militants, they may be not there alone and maybe with their families. This is the height of hypocrisy on the part of the Paki people. They jeer whenever the U.S. drone attacks kill some militants (and sometimes civilians) and they cheer when their own military kills militants who may also include civilians. You can judge by this how things are being played out in Pakistan

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