Friday, May 16, 2014

Awful lot of rain

A few days ago, my area and work place got drenched in an enormous amount of rainfall that was supposed to be spread over a month but we got it in one day. An estimated 5 inches of rain fell in one day and some areas were under water along with roads and some house basements too. The day the rainfall started was not bad as I reached my office on time and everything went smoothly but on the way back I forgot my umbrella in the office but luckily I was wearing my jacket with a hoodie so I had to keep that on my head and get drenched by the time I reached my car. The way back commute was not bad as it was still raining but people were driving at the normal speed. But the next day I thought since the rain was on its way out with just sprinkles coming down, the driving would be a breeze but I was so wrong. Once I was on the road after a while I listened to the traffic and the road leading to the New York area was flooded and reportedly shut down. Since I did not have any alternate way to go I drove slowly with all the other slow moving traffic. But at one place I was able to take an alternate route soon to find out that it was also flooded and the traffic was being diverted again to the same area that I drive through every day. After fighting through all the traffic and road closure I reached my office a few minutes later than usual.

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