Saturday, May 31, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-16

We saw many exotic animals native to Africa and the surroundings and atmosphere in the safari looked almost the same as in a real safari if you happen to go on one. After that ride, eating our lunch in between our last leg of the tour was the Asian part of the park, where you can see old Indian artifacts and music. After see the ride Expedition Everest-Legend of Forbidden Kingdom® visible from where we were standing, we decided that we should take a pass on it and went on our last ride called Kali River rapids. It was the most fun ride all, as you sit in a raft and then the water drifts that raft to slowly and sometimes fast but the biggest splash comes when it goes down a rapid clip from a small fall and then you become wet with all the water splashed on the raft. Since it was our last ride, we decided to go for another one and luckily since there was no line, the attendant let us go through it again and again we got splashed with hot on a hot day. It had started to get chilly and my daughter was soaked so we bought her a towel and went back to the bus stand. As you know that most unfunny part of the trip is packing and unpacking so the packing part came and we packed but I had a feeling that bag was heavy so the next day I weighed the bag at the resort area weighing area and it was overweight by 58 pounds (as mostly it should be the maximum 50 pounds) so we had to do some creative moving stuff so that it is under 50 pounds. After that clearing our bills and then we put our bag in the car and went to the airport, returned our rental car and boarded our flight which was this time thankfully peaceful and we landed in the afternoon on Friday.

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