Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sharing and over sharing on Facebook

As you know Facebook (FB for short for this article) is a supremely popular social media which has almost 1 billion members (maybe more). You ask anybody and they will say that they have a FB account. Before it was a cool place to hang out among teenagers but now they have their parents and even grandparents setting up account and trying to befriend online. And many of these hundreds of millions of people go on FB every day to check any updates on their friends and relatives and also update their own status to let others know what they are doing. Posting pictures of yourselves and what you are doing are increasing being seen on FB for your family and relatives and friends to see your updates. Interesting things that you might happen not to see it is posted and they are asked to like it or not. Parents and grandparents keep in touch with their college going kids and grandkids by seeing their pictures in the privacy of their homes and they also let them know what they are doing. For a long time, I have been resisting creating an account on it, just because it is too much hassle keeping up with all the updates of yourself and other people and also I had no interest in it to be frank. But after resisting I reluctantly joined and I am okay with it, not too happy not to sad since I keep in touch with my family overseas and also have learn many things on it but there is one feature that I just don’t get it. It is about what to share and what not to share, meaning sharing and over sharing.

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