Friday, May 30, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-5

But you don’t have to stay at the resort as there are many hotels and motels driving distance from the Disney world attractions and they may be cheaper even with the car rental expenses. But it is of course up to you what you have to do in this particular case. Magic kingdom has many areas which are called Fantasyland, Tomorrow land, Frontier land, Adventure land etc. Although they don’t seem to be much far apart but you really need to walk if your one attraction is in one land and the other one in another land. And you should be well prepared to walk miles and standing in lines for up to sometimes half an hour for popular rides. After this vacation you feel more tiresome but it is all for the happiness of your kids and here nothing else matters at that moment. But that does not diminish the fun for adults as you can see many of them having equal fun with their kids. I will not list my rides in any particular order as everybody would want to have their own preferences and I will not list all rides as I did not go to all of them as it either we did not have the time or were too exhausted to it or were too childish and unexciting for us to wait in lines for rides. And we did skip some rides as the fatigue of walking and standing in lines takes a toll on your body. As we needed to go on rides and attraction which we wanted to do in the minimum time that we were there, we headed towards the ride called The magic carpet of Aladdin- a merry go around type ride where you are elevated up and a similar ride to this is also the dumbo the flying elephant ride where you ride on the Dumbo (elephant) shaped seats.

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