Saturday, May 31, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-13

I love crystals and I enjoy watching them sitting there on the shelf but they were very expensive and with financial constraints in place it will stay there. But I got to get their website address so that whenever I have the money I will buy some from them. But we still manage to buy a crystal shoe from there. Also there was a master crystal maker making new items out of crystals. The weather was hot and so there were many people out walking as it must be assumed since it is Disney World. I missed having the ice cream from the main street store and so I fulfilled my wish on my list on the Disney tour. There are many shops in Disney World and usually if you have seen one you have seen all. But just out of curiosity and maybe I can find something new, I went into each store to see if they have something of interest to buy and maybe differentiate from other stores. Even walking from one store to another store becomes tiresome after a while and you also don’t feel like going to all the rides and entertainments shows Disney has to offer. There is a river boat ride we missed in addition to the parade of Disney Characters that starts at about nine at night. And I don’t even remember what we have missed since it is really tiring to walk and then have to wait for the rides. Around nine o'clock we decided to head back to the bus to get to the resort and get the car and eat outside.

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