Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Polio Menace-2

The religious leaders are of no help either as they just trained to follow blindly have little education and have to pursue their own narrow agenda urge the illiterate followers to oppose the vaccination that they know little about. If the leader of the community who is more supposedly more educated tells his congregation to take a path of destruction then government already weak on all fronts have even less sway over the populace. Although to be fair, the government has been doing its effort to battle this disease but due to precarious security situation in some parts of the country where the polio is at its severest it is facing an uphill battle to convince people to let their kids have the polio vaccination. This warning or restriction on the citizens of Pakistan was a long time coming as they had been told many months and they still were lax about their commitment. Now that Pakistan has been recommended for travel restrictions, now they have started to scramble to do more effort like screening at all exit points out of the country. They could have prevented this in the place by going aggressively after people who were refusing to vaccinate their kids and effectively mounting a campaign involving the religious and tribal leaders to give the government point of view. Why did it have to come to this after the international pressure Pakistan has been forced to act. There are lessons to be learned here for the Pakistani People and Government but will they, by the track record that they have established it is in the negative.

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