Saturday, May 31, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-12

There is a whole showcase of different countries where you go to see what their cultures are but we were too tired to walk all the way through so we decided to call it a day and went to our bus stand. After we reached the resort, we took the car and went to eat outside. Next day since we had an extra ticket, we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom because that is the best and the main place to visit in the Disney World area. Please note that although all the theme parks open around nine and close around 11 (some earlier) but that did not mean we were there exactly at the opening time and leaving at the closing time. We slept in late and took our time to go to the theme parks because as I said before you can only see so much in a day and some rides are not worth the time to wait and enjoy. Even if the rides that we missed, there was not much to go back for us anyway except to roam around the theme park. The first thing that I missed last time was the train ride on Main Street, so that was the first order of the day and on the next stop we hopped out of it. We also went to the Peter Pan's flight which last time had more than an hour wait but this time it was not that much so that was done. There was starbucks® on main street so we had took the opportunity to grab our coffee fix there. There is a store on Main Street called Arribas Brothers, you don’t want to miss that store for anything and every time I go to Disney World or Disney Land, I always go there. It is a crystal store with decorative Disney Characters with of course outrageous prices but well deserved.

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