Friday, May 16, 2014

The state of media in Pakistan-2

And although if somebody does wrong, they should be criticized but I believe that after the state religion, the armed forces in Pakistan were the holy cow that was not to be criticized or discussed in a negative manner. I don’t know how true the accusations were since the journalist was covering the missing persons case in the province of Baluchistan and other issues related to the armed forces but the allegations have divided the journalist community there as some are with the injured journalist and some are saying that it is a conspiracy to drag the armed forces in the dirty game of the enemies. But whatever is the case it is true that the journalists are a threat there and Pakistan has been termed as on one of the most violent places for journalists and the freedom of the press and speech, although on the surface seems to there but in fact it is not as self censorship is the mainstay of all the press. But the truth is that it is really very dangerous to report about anything criminal and when it comes to armed forces and the Taliban, the media is stuck in between. And these are just the major players, as the criminals, extortionists and would be Taliban factions along with corrupt government departments and officials can target you anytime and never get caught. You know that freedom of speech and press is only that good if you don’t report anything bad about some department but once you cross that threshold then you are marked for silence and in Pakistan, this is thing is happening with increasing frequency.

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