Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why were there fewer protests during the Iraq War?

I was watching a movie and the thing that struck me was why there were so many protests to Vietnam War and comparatively less for the Iraq War. And I somewhat got the answer to it. It was mostly about the draft that was the main culprit somewhat that we had huge demonstrations in various cities of the country. Although it was stated that the biggest anti-war demonstration was held for the Iraq war but it did not essentially panned out as there was no draft and very few people had stake in Iraq war. By stake me that unless you volunteer yourself to go to Iraq, there was no compulsion whatsoever to go to Iraq as compared to Vietnam where the draft was initiated and any day your name would come up and you had to go even if did not wanted to. Also more people died in Vietnam War than the Iraq war and this was more of the reason that many American stayed aloof as it was not affecting the daily lives of the majority of the citizens. In the Vietnam War, everybody was affected and there was resentment when some influential people got out of the draft due to their connections. So according to this theory due to the volunteer nature of the military, Iraq War generated fewer protests than Vietnam War and hence the American public was not forced to endure financial as well as physical sacrifices. That is what I have found out about the reasons about less protest during the Iraq War.

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