Thursday, May 16, 2013

The fantasies we want to have

Okay before the readers mind drift to a place I don’t want to go yet, it is not the fantasies that I will be talking about but rather the ones which are not achievable or we wish it was achievable. These are the ones which are in our grasp yet so far because of a particular lady called luck. Like we wish we could win a big lottery that will solve a lot of our problems like pay our debt, take care of the kids and grandkids, give to charities, have a dream house and dream vacations have the best car money can buy etc. And these fantasies include also the fact we are a handsome guy or a princess waiting for that dream girl or our prince coming in our lives. Then in our corporate world, we want a big salary and big bonuses with corner office and secretaries to cater to our demand. We also want to fantasize about being the in the best college or having a dream job like a doctor, lawyer, CEO or work in the best company. Our fantasies does not limit us to these things only but we want a great wife and great kids who are loyal and obedient and listen to what you say. And then the ultimate one we all want to go to heaven at the end of our lives. And we all want this at once and the missing ingredient in all this is that we don’t want to work hard to achieve any of this. We want it instantly and right now and not have to work for it. Well wake up folks, welcome to the real, cruel world that is unforgiving and unrelenting in its pursuit of crushing your fantasies and dreams and the only want to achieve is to work your behind off to get to where you want to in your fantasy life. Time for a reality check since that is why we call it fantasies.

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