Thursday, May 9, 2013

What it means to assimilate?-3

The plight of the Muslim population in France is the same as the French wants to impose their secular ways on a population without assimilating them and then getting worried about all the violence that occurs if something happens in the country. Being secular does not mean that one should abandon their religion in order to assimilate. That I believe will never happen since there will always be backlash in this forced assimilation. If speaking and eating French is the case, then it is always happening but to say that is enough without even tackling the huge unemployment and discrimination that the immigrants face is just plain denial. Britain is also a case in point but there they have tried to assimilate the immigrants and their next British born generation but the racism that endures in that country and the conflict between the native white population and their former colonial subjects tends to boil over now and then. But every time some bad happens in Britain, the finger start pointing towards the assimilation creature and then it all starts with that the immigrant population is not assimilating enough and then another set of laws start to take shape in order to bring in immigrants who knows the ways of their adopted country. I believe that most of this assimilation is more to do with racism and the uncomfortable feeling of the local population that somehow their way of life is threatened by this so called "Muslim Population" who supposedly refuse to integrate fully with the society or they are different than others.

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