Friday, May 31, 2013

Is anything private anymore?

If you see it from the headlines, it seems that we don’t have any privacy and when we think that we have, and then we don’t anymore. Several breaches of security have occurred in various companies that the hackers have taken the personal information of millions of citizens and even the tightest security does not deter these hackers. Even when we think that our information is safe with the security locket that you see on the right hand corner on secured sites, it sometimes get hacked. This is evitable and predictable as more and more people are doing stuff on line and the websites need more information about you. But what about when we voluntarily give out information on the social media? Are we not then responsible to share our private lives out in the public? Some teens and adults purposely supply all the information in the social media and when that information gets out then they cry about privacy concerns. And we have also street views from Google® where we can see the house if we know the address and all the assorted things around it and also snoop on our neighbors. And it goes on and on that it seems like nothing in this world is private anymore even if we want to since our life have become so computerized and we have become so fame hungry that nothing seems personal and private to us anymore. So if we feel that most of our privacy has been taken away by technology than the rest of it we are prepared to give away on social media and other outlets without thinking about the consequences.

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