Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The elections in Pakistan-2

Pakistan is a federation of four major and several minor nationalities each with its distinctive culture, language and other things completely separate. It can easily be several countries and you would easily note the difference. It is held together by a vision of one nation called Pakistan and also by the common religion Islam and some say by the Military. It is really desperately poor despite pockets of wealth that will put some rich countries to shame. The main issues are chronic unemployment, frequent power breakdowns, religious fanaticism and sectarianism, terrorism and an unhealthy fear of foreigners (especially India). Conspiracy theories abound and when the people are unable to find reasons behind a cause, they blame the easy scapegoat of Israel, India, U.S. and everything not related to Islam (and sometimes that too). And the people have been desperately trying to look to someone who will all stop all of the above (usually by a magic wand or overnight). So this nation of 180 million people is very important to the U.S. and other powers simply because they have nukes and other terrorists hiding in the mountains near Afghanistan who may or may not be planning terrorists attack against the West. But also for the sake of world security and the people who are increasingly being anti west, we need to save that country for disintegrating under the weight of its myriad problem. So hopefully these elections will usher in a new era from the former disastrous one.

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