Monday, May 13, 2013

What is newsworthy?

Not so long ago, the news was only monopolized by what the newspapers and television and print media used to give out. We had to wait all day for a news event which may have broken out during the day to read about it in the newspapers the next day or if we have television we need to be an environment where the television was available to access the news. But now it is completely changed since the internet gives you instant access of all the breaking news that is happening. This internet has changed the aspect of what is news worthy and you cannot say that any one news organization has a complete monopoly on the news that they want to dispense. And now you don’t even have to be professional journal in order to report the news since the blogs and other websites have started to break stories earlier than other traditional news media. Is this a good thing or not. I believe it is since we don’t have to get the corporate perspective on some news which is deemed newsworthy by some management of a news organization. Now common people armed with cell phones take pictures and then post it on the internet for the whole world to see before even the journalists can report them. Other thing is that the blogs that people have has really made any event newsworthy since people can write about local events which may or may not be covered by the local media.

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