Friday, May 10, 2013

Scratching my head over ads

Recently there was an advertisement made which was deemed as the most racist in the history of advertisement (until the next most racist one comes along) and it should a line of folks along with a goat in a witness stand so that the suspect could be identified and something goes like this happened that the goat was assumed to be black guy. If you want to see the ad, go search the internet and decide for yourself if it is funny or offensive to you. But here my point is why make these ads in the first place where somebody makes it controversial and then all the company's money is wasted in paying for the ad and then scratching it altogether. Don’t the companies have some kind of pre release viewing of the ad to show to a select group of people to see if it is acceptable to them or they are not offended by it? I am curious to know who approve these kinds of ads that cause much loss to the company and grieve for a lot of customers and non customers alike. And these ads are not only controversial here but sometimes the ads are controversial in the countries where they aired. Case in point is the one where an international beverage company aired an ad about some bonded women put in the back of a trunk and it became controversial due to being sexist and advocating some kind of violence against women (or similar to it).

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